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Breeding Other Bodies




Katie Patterson

Claire Gibbs

Eliza engenders an installation consisting of film, performance and live music. One aspect of the work, an audio piece (1min duration on loop) is played in the corridor leading to the space known as the morgue. The film (4min duration on loop) is projected onto a wall in the second section of the morgue. Here, the activation of the film relies on two female opera singers who react to the film in song. Once the duration of the film has finished both performers walk an orchestrated route around the environment; from staircases to balconies they sing with the intention of reuniting once again in the morgue.

By using opera as a medium Eliza recognises its traditional tropes (violence, sexuality, romanticism, damsel in distress etc.), She highlights both the ambivalence and the ridiculousness of the portrayal of the female body in both contemporary and historical culture. The work concerns the discourse surrounding the female reproductive body, more specifically the daunting experience of pregnancy.


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