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During the Artist's time working with Cinenova Eliza had the opportunity to develop a research project taking the form of a free online film screening event with films selected from the Cinenova Archive. 

The event was an opportunity to see a selection of artists’ films covering experimental, hybrid documentary, autobiographical, animation & fiction. The films included from the Cinenova Collection were I Dish by Jayne Parker (1986), Wormcharmer by Roz Mortimer (1998), Inside Job by Maya Brandt (1984), Rash by Vicky Smith (1997) and The Body Beautiful by Ngozi Unwurah (1990).

The aim of the Bodies and Boundaries programme was to dissect and open discussion about the ways in which the female body faces continual boundaries, both physically and metaphorically. The films question and explore binary categories such as; innocence and cruelty, purity and contamination, desire and revulsion, and even life and death. Within the context of fertility and sex, these five films hold an awareness that our societal organizations consider the female body as valuable in its function to reproduce. It is important to create a mostly female context within these works and to keep female bodily autonomy contiguous.

Eliza was delighted to take on the role of caretaker, mindfully moving other female artists’ work from private to public territory. It is important to provide a platform for working/living female artists since film has been dominated by white cis-gender men since its birth. 

Special thanks to Anna Clegg. 

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